TGS Lyon fixes


After changing tutorial steps for TGS Lyon, playtests have revealed new issues that I have adressed in this new version.

  • [DESIGN FIX] Tutorial to learn how to lock/unlock manually triggered so that players don't get stuck locking first species and don't know how to unlock it when there is nothing else to do than going to next island.
  • [DESIGN FIX] Agressive species spawns after Defensive species is happy to avoid new players being confused about which species needs energy to become an ally.
  • [BUG FIX] Input loss for gift and shot should finally be fixed !
  • [CUT] Cancelling charge mechanic cut to make this fix work properly...

There are still a lot that can be done to improve this demo but that was the most important issues at TGS Lyon event.

Hope this demo version gives a good experience to everyone interested in this project :)


ASTRE - Demo 133 MB
Sep 29, 2019



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Keep the good work going ! Cheers =p

Thanks :)