March 2018 Demo

After the Journée des Auteur de Jeu (Montpellier, France - March 18th), here is a new demo version with a few changes based on players' feedbacks!

  • New Traveler animations
    • Get Up animation properly integrated with controls blocked during this anim
    • Parry animation instead of Hit to show that you can only send back shot, not hurt species by hitting them with the scepter
  • Explanations and readability improvements
    • Island Next3: Def species closer to the bridge switch to understand that a protects it
    • Scepter to get has a brighter blue to better be seen
    • Scepter text label changed : Activate -> Get
    • Brighter energy gauge
    • A bit brighter in the energy gain animation
  • Species with horns
    • Def now have a few horns when Suspicious and more when angry
  • Last chance help
    • When at 0en, a 30s chrono starts and give 10en to the player at the end if he hasn't gained energy before
  • Tutorials
    • Dash tuto is back
    • Acquire Shots tuto is not displayed again after 3 times
    • Cancel Charge (B when charging) and Switch Target (left or right movement on right stick when locked) tutorials aren't shown anymore
  • Bugs fixes
    • Suspicous Agr cannot be acquired anymore
    • Camera, movement, actions and collisions are properly blocked during death animation
  • Other changes
    • All the ruins and ground now delete the shots when colliding
    • Death screen is displayed before death anim is fully played
    • LockOn radius tweaked
    • Acquired shots now give half the energy


ASTRE - March 2018 Demo 89 MB
Apr 04, 2018


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