JAJ Demo

We are built a special demo version for the Journée des Auteurs de Jeu in Montpellier (March 18th).

This demo features big changes in the Level Design, a few changes on mechanics and new species animations!

  • Tutorial islands
    • Tutorial islands number reduced
    • Mandatory tutorial reduced to the essential
    • One island per species type with one or two mechanics to learn
  • After Source islands
    • 3 new islands replacing the old big island after the Source
    • You have to survive these 3 islands before having a checkpoint
    • Last island changed in term of ruins and species
  • New species animations
    • All species type now have at least 2 animations
    • One animation that loops for their current state
    • One quick animation when changing state
  • Send back revenge is back
    • Species will have a shorter charging time and a faster shooting speed after receiving a sent back shot
  • Acquiring change
    • Acquiring now rease the species shader like when it takes damages instead of reducing its scale
  • Other changes
    • Character is now well oriented when respawning
    • Screenshake strenght has been increased
    • Impact sprinte scale increased
    • Defensive and Aggressive species shooting speed has been increased
    • Defensive and Aggressive species shooting speed has been decreased


ASTRE - JAJ Demo 89 MB
Mar 19, 2018


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